How do I remove a phase from a portal

Woah there! This is an advanced workaround for Client Portal. Make sure you backup your whole WordPress install, including all the files and the database.

Currently Client Portal doesn't ship with a built-in feature for you to remove the "Phases", it'll be released in one to two months at the time of this writing, but until then, we have a workaround for you.

The idea is simple - we just delete the "Phase(s)" you no longer need. And since "Phases" are stored in WordPress as "postmeta", we can get rid of them by delete the entries in the "postmeta" table.

We're going to use a WordPress plugin to access your database in this tutorial. You can do the same with phpMyAdmin or any tool you're comfortable with. The idea is locating the unwanted "Phases" and delete them.

Install the ARI Adminer Plugin

Right in your WordPress install, go to " Plugins - Add New", and search for a plugin called "ARI Adminer", install and activate it.

After you finish the whole process later, you can just deactivate it and delete it from your WP install.

Access your database

You can see a new " ARI Adminer" menu show up in your WP admin sidebar. Click on it, and go to "Run Adminer". Choose "Run Adminer in modal window" (or the other option, if you prefer a new window/tab in your browser).

Access the postmeta table

By default, the table prefix is "wp_", so you can look for the "wp_postmeta" table on the screen. But for security reasons, the best practice is to change the table prefix when installing WordPress. For most hostings they may have done that for you, so you couldn't find the same "wp_" part as my screenshot shows. That's okay, just find a table name end with " postmeta" and click on it. That's what we're looking for.

Search for your phases

First of all, you'll have to know the "ID" of the project you're going to modify. You can find that from the Projects list.

So we can do a quick search for it in the "postmeta" table. Where you'll run a search for post_id = [your project ID] and meta_key LIKE %% leco_cp_part. Then click on "Select."

Watch the following GIF for a live action:

Delete the Phase(s) you don't need anymore

Now you see all the phases clearly. Say we have 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1: Discovery
  • Phase 2: Website
  • Phase 3: Assets

When they are stored in the database, the keys are "zero-based", so we get something as below, and each "Phase" has "two" entries for managing Title and Modules.

It's obviously you can now select the entries and do the "Delete". BUT please PROCEED WITH CAUTION:

  • The deletion cannot be reverted. Once you click on the "Delete" button, they are gone forever. If you haven't backed up your database, please do it when you still get the chance.
  • Please make sure you input the CORRECT Project ID.
  • The keys are "zero-based", so to delete Phase 1, you have to delete both "leco_cp_part_0_title" and "leco_cp_part_0_module".
  • All phases must be numbered in serial. Which means, if you want to delete "Phase 1", you then also have to RENAME "Phase 2" to be "Phase 1," "Phase 3" to be "Phase 2," and so on.

Rename the meta_key for other Phases (optional step)

After the deletion, (say we have deleted Phase 1), we need to promote the other Phases by do the following:

  • Update meta_key "leco_cp_part_1_title" to "leco_cp_part_0_title", and "leco_cp_part_1_module" to "leco_cp_part_0_module," this would promote "Phase 2: Website" to be "Phase 1: Website."
  • Update meta_key "leco_cp_part_2_title" to "leco_cp_part_1_title", and "leco_cp_part_2_module" to "leco_cp_part_1_module," this would promote "Phase 3: Assets" to be "Phase 2: Assets."

Here's the GIF to see the deletion and rename steps in action:

This looks scary, I'm not comfortable doing it myself!

The support team in Client Portal is happy to lend a helping hand! Please shoot an email to, we'll need an Administrator level account in your WordPress install. And we'll do the deletion for you!

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